Knitting fun

I'm pretty excited that I actually learned it. To be honest, I thought I'd give it a shot and then fail at it. Pass it over to a relative to finish it off. Right now I'm only working on a scarf, but I plan to make me a pretty neat hat before I head off to NY/CT. Here's my progress so far!


Free fallin'

A few days ago, I went to go check the mail and I saw probably the worlds biggest butterfly. I'm not sure if it's a butterfly or just a big moth, but either way. It was pretty gorgeous. Here's some pictures.

Can't believe it's been 8 years.

we'll never forget <3


Tmobile complaining time!

Honestly, I have been with a few cellphone providers in my short years of life. I've recently gotten to Tmobile with a close relative and instantly it started out with bumps in the road. I myself, got a Sidekick 08 (easy for texting which is what I mostly do so I didnt give a hoot). At first, I had ordered the Sidekick unlimited msging AND web. Turned out, that wasn't meant for a family plan. Due to them never letting me know that, though, through a free text message or another email explaining it to me. I sat there talking myself silly through texts. So we called them because my phone started to act up and not letting itself log into tmobile. One thing lead to another, THEY apologized for their mistake, told us they would wave the fee because it was their fault for never letting us know what was going on with it and told us it wouldnt be added onto the next bill and all we would now have to pay for would be the domestic messaging and the family plan itself.

WELL, 1 months later. And $114 dollars already paid for THIS months bill, I woke up to my phone not working. I've tried soft reset, I've deleted a contact and then did a soft reset again because usually that works to get the MyFaves to show back up on the jump screen. Nothing worked. All I kept getting was the same message, " "Network data services are currently unavailable." And that whole msg about GPRS APN thing being incorrect and some stuff. So then I decided to take a glimpse online to see if anyone had posted some help about it. Quite a few people had the same problem but one thing that kind of stuck out. Apparently they give you this message when your phone has been shut off for insufficient funds. I didnt think this was the problem at first because I was SURE I had a dollar on it left, which I always keep on it just to make sure the phone stays active.

First thing I saw was the dollar was gone. $0.03 is my balance. I looked a little over to the right, and there it said that my account had been suspended because I was 16 dollars over drawn in it. At first I thought it was my relative and her kids getting onto her phone and doing some crazy stuff on it and whatnot. So we went over to tell her since her phone was obviously off too and I had no way of contacting her. None of her kids seemed to have done anything with the phone so we all traveled back here to call Tmobile. TURNS OUT. They now want to charge me, AFTER I already paid the $114 for this month, for the texting and stuff from last month from a problem that was their fault anyway and was told to us would be waved.

They told us that we would of known this in the next bill coming up. The thing is. Our payment was due on the 24th. They sent out, apparently, this months bill on the 23. The bill still isnt here and its the 28. If we would of waited for the bill, the phones would of still been cut off for these few days. But yet they want to blame us for it and still make us pay the 16 dollars because some little geek behind the computer that told us the charges were waved, decided he was going to put down that he told us we needed to pay it later. If we would of had to pay it later, our bill total would of been well over $130 on the site instead of $114 like it should that whole month.

All in all, we paid the 16 dollars. And I'm sitting here still without my phone signing into my tmobile.

Lesson learned. Tmobile gives you quite the bullshit run around and their customer care is pretty slim to none. They have no email to contact, no online support, nothing. All you really get to do is call them and then you get a run around about something thats their fault but they dont want to seem like the crappy cellphone company. I love my sidekick despite its few problems in itself, but I truly regret signing up with Tmobile.


New Orleans trip, among some other rantings

It's really amazing how I can get my self burnt so easily but my skin resumes to return to the shade of Casper's ghostly skin. Right now my sunburn is just in the process of healing and peeling. I was hoping at least my face would get a little color out of this trip, but alas, no luck. Moving on from that, about a week ago (I think) me and my family and a friend came back from a weekend trip to New Orleans. I had a concert to attend, and 2 of my family members just really needed a break from every day life. To my surprise there were actually a lot of "older" people at the concert. To those of you that might be older, I don't mean that in an insulting way. Really, I was just a bit taken back to see a 60 year old man at a Green Day, concert. But by all means, Rock on, Mister! I have always been a Green Day fan, but my expectations weren't high. Probably due to the fact that me and my friend scored tickets WAY in the back of the New Orleans Arena. But honestly... That was the second best night of my life. It was energetic even from where we were seated, and the band kept us more then entertained with their shenanigans.

I would post a picture right now of that concert, but sadly my cellphone didn't get the best shot from the seating in the back. The best shots are just of the lighting. The only thing that was really upsetting about the whole thing was when we accessed the building. I understand places like that need security, but after getting checked by security, we resumed to going to get our ticket scanned. Now, this is where I'm stupid but I don't exactly know the name of the objects they used. It's that stand with the three legs coming out vertically to keep one person only to go through them? I have no idea what they're called. But the point being, I'm a pretty plus sized person. I'm more so sized at the hips which is where my embarrassing part came up, me resulting with nearly getting stuck. It's the most humiliating thing a plus sized person would have to go through and I don't understand the reason for why they think that should be accepted. Maybe not all plus sized people want to go out, but for us that do, I'd like to not feel like shit by the time I get to my seat. The seats fall into the same category. Even if I had wanted to sit down, there was no way anyone but a size 14 MAXIMUM was going to fit into those seats. I'm going to end my rant about that here.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was spent going to the IMAX theater and the New Orleans Zoo, and the Aquarium. I'd love to say it was amazing, the sight seeing really would have been. But we got rained out of the Zoo Saturday morning, and headed to the other places, which is when the Aquarium was stuffed to the max. I don't know what it is, but I can be totally fine in a crowd of 10,000 people at a concert. But put me in a restaurant or a public place like the Aquarium, it just drives me nuts to be around all of those people that don't have the manners to move out of your way so that YOU can also see something. Yeah so maybe your fascinated by all the colorful fishes but I'd like my family to see them too, so take your picture and your look and move to the next exhibit so we can squeeze in a quick look. But no, these people decided to stay at one tank for like 10 minutes straight. Things like that just easily go under my skin and by that time all I wanted to do was walk quick and get out.

I'm going to slap in some of the pictures that I took.


Hello world

Thanks to my lovely sister, I have decided to re-start up my blog. Why? Maybe just the pure cause of boredom. To be honest, I havent the slightest clue of what I'll update about. But considering I've kept a twitter quiet active and a LiveJournal, I figured how much harder could this be? I'll just post the same things here. Things I like, and such things that bug me. My pictures when I actually manage to be pleased with something I take. Things of such.

I'll also be updating about sweepstakes that I take part in or find interesting. I'm willing to advertise your sweepstakes as well, if you have one going on that you'd like to get the word out on! For now that's all, I need to take my a nice hot bath and get my butt in the hay!

Gnight all!